Shifting gears: new goals and timeline


Well, we sat down–MBF and I–and looked at what we were doing the next few weeks, months, and years and asked ourselves when we could hit the road. Would “the road” be a longish vacation? A move to live somewhere else with our current jobs? A leave of absence to hike the PCT or the AT? Leaving our jobs altogether and hitting the road full time?

Those answers are unclear still, but one thing was clear: we will likely remain stateside and in our jobs for the next two years while MBF completes his coursework. While we both chafe at the idea of having to stay somewhere or do something we’re told to do, I think I’m slightly relieved I have extra time to update the house and yard AND stick around a bit to enjoy it.

So for now, I’ll look to those welding classes I’ve been threatening to take, and fully NOT doing, since I moved here, find a contractor* to do some remodels here, try to get my volunteer work to complete my certification, and fiddle a whole lot more in the yard.

That’ll be nice.

*taking recommendations. Anyone?



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