Gluten free cake in a cup

This went over well. 🙂 This recipe plus instructions (and courage) from the comments on this recipe made for 3 mini cakes in mugs. I topped them with Nutella, which although delicious did add quite a bit of sugar. And decliciousness. Did I mention the delicious? No one complained that it added so much deliciousness. 🙂  I baked these at 350 and it took over 30 minutes in my super-slow but otherwise normal kitchen oven. (That is to say, it wasn’t an easy-bake or toaster oven. Just a garden-variety oven in the kitchen.)

Note to self: next time, I’ll mix everything in one bowl and grease/flour the coffee mug, or do it up with some parchment paper on the sides, with maybe a muffin cup lining the bottoms. I spent two days scrubbing and soaking out the baked-on cake, especially from the mug with the more angular bottom. Doh!



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