Denying Climate Change Now Part of TN Curriculum

original: Why Denying Climate Change Is Now Part of the Curriculum in Tennessee Schools – Environment – GOOD.

I’m going to say this again, and again, and again, until it gets old and annoying, as old and annoying as these debates: climate change is a red herring we should ignore.

Wait, don’t I care about the environment, or have I gone whole-hog into a virtual panda world without care for reality?

Yes, I care. I care enough to see that the climate change debate is simply a time waster. First, we’ll be forced to spend a ton of time (already have) convincing people that climate change is happening. Well, it is, and they’re still not convinced. Then, the people we’re trying to convince will say “so what?” and we’ll have to convince them it’s humans’ fault and our responsibility to stop it. This is what’s happening now. The evidence for climate change is out there, deny it or not. Now we’re in a whole ‘nother debate about whether or not it’s human-wrought, whether or not we can stop it (is it too late?), and finally whether or not climate change is a bad thing

Screw that. It’s a waste of time and a sisyphean task.

What can’t be denied is pollution and human’s contribution to it.

Let’s lessen pollution, stop polluting, and clean up what’s polluted already.

Even if we’re not to blame for global warming, we’ll end up with a cleaner world, better air and water, and healthier humans. Oh, we might also make it better for animals and plants while we’re at it. And if we stop global warming? Great. We get to be smug about that, too. I know I plan to be.



One thought on “Denying Climate Change Now Part of TN Curriculum

  1. Thanks for the link.
    I very much agree with you. Tangible issues like pollution will always hold more weight to non-environmentalists than the abstract idea of climate change, which may or may not be true. There are deep-seeded challenges that humanity must face, we must not be stalled by unnecessary, polarizing debate.

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