Ditch or do: Feb vacay week

It takes a week off for me to be super productive. Sigh. This tells me much

Anyway, I got my new windows installed this week! That’s pretty slick. Next up is the big tree trimmage of 2012, which is officially on the schedule. On deck is either the patio or the patio door. Tee bee dee.

New window over and beside the sink. So much stuff had to be moved away from the window! I like it better all clear, so I spent part of Sunday reorganizing cabinets and drawers to accomodate a clean countertop.

Beyond that, I got those damned bottles into the yard. Neighbors are oh-so-pleased. Actually, one did stop by as I was elbow-deep in Topo Chico bottles and lamented the missing wine bottles. Happy to oblige, I am. The wine bottles round out the end. 🙂

The funny thing is, all but about 6 of these TC bottles came from one friend! That's a lotta wattah.
Wine bottles, sans labels, laid out along the garden hose guide, ready for planting. By the end my arms were dead since, yes, I did this all in one go.

Also, more sorting and boxing completed and one sent out today. I’m hoping to send something off each week, plus donate or sell something else. Last week ARC picked up a bag and a box from our house, so I’m on track!

Bottom box is out the door!

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