Ditch or I do: week to Feb 12

This week’s theme was definitely paper. Looks like I’m not the only one going through papers this time of year. Makes sense. Taxes and all that.

So I tackled a basket and a shoebox filled with paper, both of which were perched on the mountain of hidden crap in my garage.

I like to put memorable papers (tickets, stickers) into my year planner calendar thing. Turns out, it’s called a smash book. Ok. I just call it my solution-to-not-being-able-to-let-go-of-birthday-cards-and-wedding-invitations. Time permitting, I file normal-person paperwork (insurance cards, home invoices) in a “cascading” file folder that I hope to someday make my only stack o’ paper.

I love seeing weekend trips I took all laid out before me. That was a good trip to Boston.
Before: box and basket. Le sigh.
After: filled that recyclin' right up with my crap.

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