Ditch or do: first week of feb

Dude, it’s Monday! Even though my buddy has long since dropped out of this challenge between us (I win!), I’m still ditching and doing. Suck it, Jon.

So what about this week, the last of January and first of February?

I cleaned my desk, and dumped everything into the garage. Uh-oh. It has been sitting like this for weeks now. So I tackled it.
I emptied this bag and this box (and another box, not pictured). I then filled the box to mail away and filled the bag with stuff to give to my mom. Yay!
A box for three of the Michigan nieces. Misc crafting stuff and ribbons.
A box of the rest of my scrapbooking stuff for Crystal. I'd already given her a bunch of papers earlier this year, so this made sense.
Stamps and Kick Your Butt Bear for Scott, in a tin that held some of his toys to boot. Good to return stuff to him.
After it's been sitting in a drawer in my bathroom for almost three years, 33 months to be exact, I finally installed the cover on my vent fan/light.

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