Ditch or do: mitts edition

I’ve been hella busy running around this country of ours. But even travelling, I finally got these mitts competed (for myself). Huge accomplishment. They say hi.

The “hi” is from a pattern I found on Ravelry called Hi, and also here for those who are Ravelryless. The mitt itself (which I used because I had to find the right number of stitches and whatnot based on the giant “red letter” yarn* I had) comes from Gradient Mitts (and here, for the Ravel-less).


*Why is it “red-letter” yarn? Well, back in my days living in the frozen north, I was underemployed (2 part-time jobs does not a full living make) and experiencing the final few days before I had to call the bank and ask if I could wait and pay my mortgage later. To soothe myself, I was naturally at a yarn store. A fancy one! I’d gotten a gift certificate for it over Christmas and had to drive two towns over to use it, but it was well worth it for an afternoon of playdreaming in yarn. While at the shop, I stood deliberating between red and blue baby alpaca. Then I got a call from a job prospect in Texas, offering me a position. I’ve been living in the sun of Austin ever since.

I went back inside and chose the red yarn on the red letter day, when everything began to turn around. Now, finally, I’m using that yarn and welcoming more adventures in this world. 🙂


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