Week of Jan 9: I ditch or I do

Last week, Jan 9-15, I burned like 50 CDs for my brother, worked on his art blog a bit, managed to beat the neighbors to raking my own leaves (my roommates assumed my neighbors HAD done it as I was so tardy in doing it), placed another trim board in—oh so lovingly, cooked dinner from stuff in the house (weird. Very weird. Much confusion is caused when I wield a spatula), finagled my houseguest into hanging some hooks in the bathroom for me (which I’m pretty sure still counts as me finally getting something done that’s been languishing as long as these hooks have), and I finally got all the labels off my copious glass bottles. I still don’t have enough bottles (I never shall! Moar! MOAR!) but what I have I’d like to sink into the ground.

After! Or during, I guess, since the true "after" is once they're in the ground.
Can you believe we didn't even try to matchy matchy?
I love love love the image he screened onto his CDs! Too bad I took a pic of the one with the partial M. Doh!

I also started going through the garagealanche I created one day when I needed to hide all my stuff away. Dirty, dirty secret.

The darkness promises to consume my shame.

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