Christmas week: I ditch or I do

This was a good’n.

I finally sent off my laptop to family who had requested it a full year ago. Yikes. How’s that for procrastination? Well, it’s all updated and clean now, and the recipient even liked the cherry blossoms on it. Good thing, too, cause those weren’t coming off. Ya know, it’s the one I had lasered up.

Finally. Sheesh.

I already mentioned that I mailed off my nieces’ gifts—ones I’d gotten in January of this year, and again yikes—and was pretty happy with my non-packaging package.

What I didn’t say was inside those gifts were mostly purchased items, but with one solitary handmade item: a necklace for my youngest niece. It’s a rock from a beach in Punakaiki, New Zealand, strung with copper wire and copper-colored silk cord. I was pretty happy with it.

In a Burt's Bees lotion bottle. A nice fit, actually.

And finally, I made a necklace from another stone. This one was for my brother, a stone he’d picked up and tossed back down on a walk he and I took with MBF. Well, MBF picked the rock back up, asked me to string it as a gift, and wrote a few words to go with it. I think my brother liked it, as all day and the next I saw him wearing it nonstop.

Goober grin upon completion

The nice thing about both necklaces—or necklii if you will—is they are adjustable. I knotted them so that you simply pull the knots (in the photo they’re next to the white shell beads) apart. This lengthens the necklace. If you want to wear it tighter, as in the photo, you pull the knots towards the center of the necklace. If anyone cares I can post a tutorial on how I knotted them.

So that was the week before Christmas, necessarily a do-or-ditch week. Maybe it’s cheating at this game, but maybe not. Yo, Jon, you still playing ditch-or-do with me? If you are, I’m kicking your ass. If you’re not, you should be kicked in the ass.


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