I ditch or I do, Thanksgiving week

Well, for the ditching I delivered the dryer mate to the washer I have away a few weeks back. I tried to get rid of some books at half price, but they wanted to give me five bucks for the lot. I said tyvm and will try my luck on Craigslist or even a garage sale. Two were hardback HP, a third a paperback HP?m, and the rest a whole David Eddings set. Dudes! Five bucks?? I scoff.

Anyway, for the doing, I got down to plizanting like a banshee. Into the ground went my Ladybird Wildflower center plants, and a couple more recent arrivals from the Natural Gardener: gulf muhly, seep muhly, plains coreopsis, lanceleaf coreopsis, mealy blue sage, one tiny indian blanket seedling, standing cypress, butterfly weed, yaupon, turks cap, and prairie goldenrod.

I also relocated a flame acanthus and two beauty berries from last season, moved the yard “divider”, and sketches out a line for a walkway edging across the yard. Yes, another bottle event. The neighbors came by to seemingly discuss the yard, but really to stand there with hands on hips, silently nodding and frowning. Suck it, neighbs!! Also suck it, Jon! I win this week AGAIN.

Oh, AND I delivered the cupcake hat and categorized about 75% of my yarn stash. What a difference a week of staycation can make!





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