Week of Nov. 13: I ditch or I do

A way-too-easy cop out this week, but I’m still ahead of my buddy. I know you’re outta town, but are you still decluttering or did you give up on me?

Well, I just set a bag of clothes out for ARC to come pick up, conveniently on the 9th.

Then I had a “do” Sunday with my poor plants looking for homes. I got the Jerusalem thorn into the ground and one of the beauty berries moved. The other one also needs a new, less sunny spot. I also moved the second flame acanthus who had been threatening to dive across the sidewalk.

Hm, come to think of it, I also had a /fail finish on Mrs. B’s hat (construction failure of the catastrophic variety) and a better-late-than-never finish on the birthday cupcake hat. Designed to be worn on the ride we took Saturday, I made a strong effort Friday night, gave up by midnight to get some sleep for said ride, and finished up Sunday by brunch. Le sigh. Delivery might be this coming week’s only “do”.



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