Oct 30 week: I ditch or I do

For this week’s ditch, I cleaned the closet top to bottom, finding in the process 3 pairs of pants I thought I’d lost. This brings my total wearable pants up to five. 🙂 however, since two of those are shorts, I bit the bullet and shopped until I found one more pair. And boy are they perfect. So, that takes care of pants-buying for about the next two years.

I did more doing than ditching this week, finally putting in some plants I’d gotten at the wildflower center sale a few weeks ago and moving a flame acanthus that’s been in the middle of a path since last year. Good. Done and done, and now to find a place for my jimson weeds…

Here’s my frog prince standing guard while I water my little Blackfoot daisies, the only thing that can withstand the dreaded corner of death.


2 thoughts on “Oct 30 week: I ditch or I do

  1. Good going! i like watching you get through these projects. BTW, I looked up the meaning of naturalist and it means someone who loves nature. Turns out the nudists are called “naturists” and i got confused. Carry on with your naturalist lifestyle.

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