Week 2: I ditch or I do

Exhibit A: Big bag of blue yarn

Note: This is a continuing series that strives to keep me honest as well as keeping my ditcher-partner informed about what I got rid of recently. Mainly, it’s to see who has “won” the ditching “competition” that week. I’m over-using quotes here because it’s not really a competition. But it so is. He killed it on the first week by selling his project car. A whole car!

I followed up by just packing stuff up and intending to donate, but the stuff didn’t actually leave my house until last week, the week(s) I’m reporting on in this post.

It was a tougher couple of weeks for ditching. On the one hand, my buddy Linsie took up knitting, so I happily happily gave her a big bag of blue yarn, but on the other hand, those dozen or so skeins walking out of my house in her arms didn’t even make a dent in my remaining yarn stash. Baby steps, I guess. In other news, the tiny swatch she knitted is perfectly perfect in every way, and she’s psyched to get moving on a cool mobius shrug we found on Ravelry.

Ready for a good home.

As for other stuff, my schedule and another friend’s finally aligned and she very graciously drove to my house to pick up a couple boxes and a sad paper bag full of linens, plates and bowls, mugs, silverware, a blender, knives and super-nice knife block (those, compliments of my roommate, a fellow recovering packrat) and a couple of blouses that might fit her aunt, whose house burned down in the Bastrop fires in September. It blows my mind what losing everything would be like, and I’m glad that instead of just donating this stuff to an organization, it’s going to someone I (sort of) know.

Oh, and for the “do” part of this little challenge, I did in fact finish up some projects that had been hanging over my head for a couple weeks. One, I added a button and buttonhole to MBF’s shirt. Now that Fall is here, he has a nice short-sleeved button-up he can wear. Ahem. Oh well.  And two, I made something for someone. It’s a surprise, so I’ll blog about that later, in full technicolor.

I miss him. 😦

We also found a new home for the cat, but that’s not really appropriate to the spirit of this simplification project. In fact, that was all for health of the household, not for any must-get-rid-of-stuff impetus. Now I’m sad and miss Blue, and feel really bad about even putting a mention of his relocation on this blog post. But then, I wonder if I’d win against my ditcher friend if I moved myself out of the house…


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