People, not profits

via Slideshow: The View from Wall Street After 10 Days of Protest – Action – GOOD.

Yes. Very yes.

Have a look at the linked slideshow above, from GOOD, where I got this image. I’m so happy to see my own sentiments painted by someone a thousand miles away!

I’m not 100% sure what’s being protested, nor do I think anyone else is completely sure; I think it’s a pretty big grab bag of general dissatisfaction. At a minimum, people are outraged enough at the bailouts (which did no one any good but the CEOs of the failed banks) and giving corporations a voice as if they were people.

They’re not. Their whole motivation (corporations’ that is) is making profit. That’s what they’re designed to do. And that’s ok, until they make profits without regard to human life or well-being, without any sense of obligation or responsibility to the people who buy, make, or sell the goods or simply live near the goods produced or the places producing them. People are affected.

And guys, when any one of us is affected, we all are affected.


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