Do you sustain modern slavery?

Original article and image via Can Social Media End Modern Slavery? – Technology – GOOD.

This is exactly the kind of visibility into our impact that we—everyone, not just my fellow and typically picked-on-for-being-selfish-and-oblivious Americans—need to see.

Does your chocolate use slave labor? Your coffee? Cotton? What else?

This is the same scenario as “if I press this button, someone I don’t know will die, but I’ll get a million dollars.” But we substitute “be enslaved” for “die” and “mocha” for “million dollars.” Except multiply times how many mochas per day? How many new pairs of shoes per day? How many slaves does that make, and at what savings to you, the “consumer?”

Don’t even get me started about us being called “consumers” instead of “customers” or even just “people”…


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