Kickoff: Ya ditch or ya do

Fixing that rear brake light wasn't so bad after all. Believe it or not, the car actually runs better now.

Here begins a theme I hope to repeat weekly: an update on what crap I unloaded from my life that week, and also what I got out and did, repaired, or finally got around to making. And yes, it’s supposed to sound like didgeridoo. Psh.

A friend of mine read my recent post, “No more” and its accompanying Facebook status in which I said I was ceasing with the meaningless stuff. He thought I meant I was getting rid of physical things. I actually meant that I was going to stop posting shallow, useless status updates about food, traffic, video games, or just snark, which I realized I was just using as a means to entertain my friends and, in the end, stroke my own ego. I thought that with such a powerful communication tool as Facebook, I should say things worth saying. Worth the bandwidth. Worth my own time and the time of my friends. I’m not saying there’s no more social aspect to my Facebooking. No, I’m still happy birthday-ing and commenting away. But I dunno. Maybe there’s a better way to add to someone’s day than with my snark for snark’s sake. (I just invented my new exclamation: Oh for Snark’s sake!)

What, you mean you can't tell what this is? Sheesh, it's giant boots, a purse, and a fuzzy waterbuffalo hat in a semi-dark room. Duh.

However, getting rid of physical stuff is good, too. 🙂

So, we challenged each other to get rid of something each week and get out and do something rather than fill the void with more stuff, and boy did he come through in a big way. He sold a project car he’d been lugging around the country for a few years now, while. A whole freaking car. He gets rid of its insurance, parking and storage fees, registration, and more along with it. I got rid of a bag of 5 shirts, some extra plates, bowls, and cups, and a couple of costume-y things to Scare for a Cure, then fixed a $3 brake light in my car. Wow-ee.

Well, we’re challenging each other, not competing. At least, that’s what my conscious mind tells me. But damned if I’m not searching around for more and more to get rid of to trump him next Monday when he and I check in.


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