Headliner replacement

File this under “only if you have nothing to lose in your junky car anyway”.

So long crappy grey wispy headliner gunk! Hello happy print!
See that up in the corner? Yeah. And that's where it looked _best_. The rest was like drippy spanish moss.

The liner in the ceiling if my car-the headliner-had been falling down, tearing, and horrible for months. Years actually. And of course, it just got worse and worse as time, and windows-open winds, wore on it.

So I ripped it all down and put up my own fabric with spray adhesive.

I used: scissors, spray adhesive, about a yard and some change of seersucker material, a boxcutter, and an exacto knife. The exacto knife wasn't that helpful, actually.
Fun times getting all the staples out from headliner quick-fixes of yore.
Find the middle of the fabric, spray a glue mohawk between rearview mirror and dome light, and smooth the joy on!
I just went straight over the dome light with extra glue around it.
Trimmed up and tucked into place!

For any plastic bits that I couldn’t use the dull side of the box-cutter razor as a pusher to get the fabric underneath, I’ll simply glue a bead of piping around it, covering the (turned-under but still) rough edges of the fabric.

The beauty of seersucker is that it is already wrinkled. Yay! No showing where I messed up. Or at least, no showing much where I messed up. And I did. But no matter what, it’s still a million times better than my junky, falling down spanish moss hanging headliner. And I’ve got tons of glue left in case it starts falling again. This fabric won’t tear like the crappy stuff on the roof had. It should also stand up a bit better in the heat abuse.

Next up: covering my horrible faded paint job. I thought about stickers, but honestly, that would be a waste of good stickers. 😦 Any ideas?

Meantime, I think I’ll yarnouflage my steering wheel. Then it’s not burning hot in the summer nor freezing cold in the winter! Plus: using random yarn tails for the mufkin win!


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