I declare this “sk(sh)irt week”

How-To: Lace Pencil Skirt @Craftzine.com blog.

(Image also from Craftzine, linked above.)

I decided sometime yesterday that I should make a skirt a day from t-shirts I’ve decided to recycle. And I mean.. that huge pile of T’s I can’t bear to part with, but just don’t wear anymore.

Last night, after deciding this, I got sidetracked by good company and friends announcing an engagement. So I call it acceptable. Then after seeing this post in my RSS today, I thought I’d blog it and (try to) keep myself honest. Also, this looks just like a skirt, a picture of which I’ve had glued to my desk for years now. It’s high time to make good on that.

Tonight, I had planned on going way downtown to a spiritual gathering, but it turns out I’m way too shy to go alone. Instead, I’ll go to my friend’s house, dye my hair yellow (don’t ask), install and teach her about Dreamweaver, and work on a skirt.

That sounds ambitious. Maybe I’ll just have a shake.


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