Seeing the forest from my knees

spotted at Central Texas Gardener Blog » Blog Archive » Tough plants for tough times|William Welch Heirloom Gardening in the South.


Let’s recap why I love this pic:

  1. empty bottles, super awesomely matched up. I’m gonna have to drink a lot of Riesling to achieve this. And if my weekend adventures tubing the Comal prove anything, it’s how amazingly I can handle my wine.
  2. cedar posts with branches left on. Can I just say that any project that results in less cedar pollen goes way high on my “fuck yeah!” meter?
  3. bird houses from gourds. I am loving these, and wish to have more birds, bats, and dragonflies in my yard. Hm, will the birds eat the dragonflies? In that case, screw you, birdies!
  4. crushed granite path.
  5. greenhousey looking thing at the end. Too cute!
  6. I must reiterate how awesome the forest of cedar-and-bottle “trees” looks. Haw-sum.

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