LED RAGBRAI t-shirts, ahoy!

Ok, I did it. These LED shirts are happening for RAGBRAI. Man, I gotta cut down on my acronyms.

Le kit, from Aniomagic (photo stolen from their site. Clicky to go there. See? Free traffic, Aniomagic!)

The plan: 3 kits for 3 t-shirts (NOT the cycling jerseys). Most of the team were “meh” for LED sparklies, which is of course totally cool to be so. For those of us who are go-go-power-rangers, I just got the basic white kits shown here. A controller, thread, a switch, and battery.

My only confusion is how to affix it all: does it go on the outside? How bizarre. But ok!

So now it’s just sitting and waiting for the kits. The shirts are already here, man! In fact, I’m ordering a couple more today. Yes, this very day! Now it’s a race for shipping. I’m also considering ordering one of the sewing kits (simple non-programmed lights) to stitch onto biking gloves. Click it on, stick your arm out, make the turn, click it off. But since RAGBRAI is a closed course, that can wait for safety.

The jerseys are on their way, shipping today. My new bike seat… well, I haven’t pulled the trigger on that.  Or on clip-in pedals. And shoes. Eff, effity eff eff. This is an expensive ride I’m doing. Stupid accessory sport.

Yep. Someone even named his seat the "moustache ride".

Ok, let’s take stock, Nimmers: I would like a new seat (a MoonSaddle. Oh ye gods, let the ridiculing begin!). I also need to sell my original (men’s) bike seat, which is completely unused in any way. And my 110mm stem. If this moony seat is good, I can also sell my women’s seat.

I would like some SPD pedals and shoes. But honestly? I don’t think they are nearly as “necessary” as the seat. However, they might make the fit of my bike more accurate, so… maybe.

I still need a solar shower for the van and our camping along RAGBRAI. That’s easily done.

And I still need just ordered 3M reflective tape. Hm. That stuff is proving to be expensive as well. But for safety… that could be seriously clutch. Along with that, I will need a star-shaped hole punch. Yes, need.


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