Yard Fence Mural

image and idea via Austin, Texas Daily Photo: East Side Mural.

Dude. First of all Austin Daily Photo is a great blog for Austinites and non-locals alike. I’m digging it almost as much as I dig Digging, another Austin-based but not Austin-exclusive blog. (I stopped saving all of Digging’s posts because I was saving every last one of them for future reference. Finally I decided I’d just go to Pam’s blog (Digging) the next time I wanted to imagine what my yard will look like in the great Someday.)

Anyway, for today’s inspiration, an image of a mural on the east side. If I made one of my nigh-broken-down fences into stucco (cobb or strawbale-and-mud practice for a bigger project later?) or something, I could make super-awesome murals like this on it. I could even invite friends to make little images on it when they come visit, if they’re into that kind of thing. No, not as slave labor. As an “I was here” kind of thing, or “I’m a part of this yard and this heart, too”.

Thoughts, thoughts…


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