Decluttering via my first iBookstore purchase

I feel so techno-grownuppy. See, I’d been borrowing 3 paperbacks from a friend (two friends, actually) for months and months now. The first friend loaned the first book. Then I haven’t seen him since! Stupid busy nursing school. So when I visited a second friend and we talked about the books, he handed over the next two in the trilogy.

When someone at work decided that I shouldn’t be the only kid on the block not holding an iPad (wow!!), I started to download all sorts of free books. I’m reading Sherlock Holmes, Gandhi, flipping through Da Vinci’s notebooks. Ya know, keeping it light.  *showoff*

But what about the feel of a book? Well, I saw a cook Kindle “cover” in a carved-out book. If I want the feel and even look of a book, there we go. Now I’d just have to find a book to vandalize.  Yikes.  (via Neatorama from Etsy seller BustedTypewriter.)

So anyway, I was reading the paperback last night, carefully trying not to bend the spine, smudge the print, or wear that section on the back cover where my hand always rubs. Oh, and keeping MBF up with the light on.

Meanwhile, over in my bookshelves, I have around 40 books that haven’t been cracked in years, including the entire Harry Potter series. Ok, that I cracked within the calendar year, but still. Point is, most books I just keep for, well, keeping’s sake. Keepsakes, ya might say.

That’s silly. Why have books collecting dust, needing a shelf (which I found on the side of the road rather than pay 200 bucks in a store, tyvm), needing dusting, adding to my housemates’ allergies, slowly acid burning, and otherwise just being there for being-there’s sake?

So last night two little lightbulbs went off in my head. First, I thought “I’ve heard so much about this series, I’ll probably end up liking it, loaning it, and re-reading it myself. Why not own it and stop worrying about sullying the pages of the borrowed books?” I don’t need that stress. So I purchased the book, saving one shiny dollar (0k, 96 cents) by getting the trilogy in one swoop. It’s Mistborn, by the way.

The second lightbulb was the thought of clearing out my junk (again, finally, at last, etc.) and ALSO putting any money from the sale of my clutter into a particular savings partition. It’s too bad I didn’t think of doing that last year, when I sold my TV, PS2, and games. I think all told that was about $150 bucks. Small change, but it’ll add up when I include a French Horn (which I might donate instead, but we’ll see), wedding dress, dishes, and all those books. Ok, the books will probably come to a total of 20 bucks. Maybe.

Added all together, I’m hoping to get about a thousand bucks out of the sales. It’ll be fun to see just how much it actually is, if I keep the account separate.


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