Osama’s dead, and at such a low cost

We* got him for only $400.5 TRILLION dollars, 6000 lives**, and 10 years***. If an eye for an eye is what we were going for, this TOTALLY makes up for the 3000 people lost in 9/11. whew. We totally showed him and shut his last-laughing face.

*meaning USA of course. We did this without any help from Canada, the UK, Germany, or even surrender-monkey France or pot-smoking Dutchman.

**I’m sure no one was injured, maimed, or otherwise permanently affected by the war. And civilians lost simply don’t count when we’re talking about vengeance for 9/11, an attack on a perfectly peaceful civilian office building.

***during which time I’m sure no new technologies or innovations would’ve been created by the lost nor anything else useful done with that 400T we just had sitting around.

Note: So… this is a 100% sarcastic post. I cannot be happy for taking another life in vengeance, “justice”, or under any other guise. Killing is killing is killing.


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