Tai chi (double tie) pants from hippie wall hanging

Well that was easy. I used a tutorial from IndieTutes, an old wall hanging that was gonna be donated or tossed, and it only took one seam and 6 hems. Voila. Tai chi-worthy, double tie pants.

First, the old wall hanging. You know the type. Sometimes you see them in dorms on the ceilings. I STILL don't know why.

I laid out the cloth, smoothed it, then decided which way I wanted the stripes to run. As a bonus, I used one side of the cloth that was already hemmed to be one long hem of the pants. Sweet! My only regret is that I cut the width of the piece 2/3 of the waist measurement. I should have gone the full waist measurement for the width and then cut back if it was truly too wide.

I folded over the cloth, cut a piece, then did the same thing on the far side of the cloth so I could use another factory edge as one long hem of one piece. I also thought the black edge would look cool at the waist, so I made sure to cut my pieces accordingly. Here, I'm lining up both folded cut pieces and to cut out the crotch U.
I really should have made a longer and slightly wider U for MBF's 6'2" frame. Luckily, he wears his pants really low, so it wasn't awful. Still having more movement room would have been nice. That is an easy fix to make bigger, though.
One unfolded piece. When you place both pieces together with right sides, you sew the U. That's your only seam.

Here’s where it might be confusing. When you’ve sewn your U together, the U becomes a saddle that you ride to wear the pants. By sewing the U, you have made a front with a seam in its middle and a back with a seam in its middle.  In my case, my front has a black band on its top and down its sides, and also has vertical stripes. The back has horizontal patterns and a black stripe at its top, but no stripes running vertically.  Get it?


Following the tutorial, put your waist drawstrings in a the tops of the front and back pieces. For me, that was along the black band. The vertical black and is a factory edge, so I didn’t need to hem it. I hemmed the other side of that piece and then hemmed the bottoms of the pieces.  Then I was done.

Plenty of room for movement.
Not as good for yoga. There's too much stepping on the bottoms. However, I put a little snap into the legs for a bit of privacy, just in case. You can see it just above the knee in this pic.
Here's the tiny snap in the side-hems of the pants, just in case some extra privacy is warranted. With a wider leg (and thus more overlap in the wrapping), this is probably not so much an issue and the snap is not warranted. Having a snap also means you have to put the pants on and tie them in the same order every time you put them on.

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