A movie about my plastic riddance

prAna blog » Bag It Documentary (video).

Watch this trailer! (Ok, it’s not about _me_, but it sounds like the creator asked the same queestions I did.) Looks like it’ll be a good documentary about the great “away” that we all assume our trash, mostly plastic, magically goes. The narrator asks “where is away, really?” and “is my life too plastic?”

These are definitely questions I had during 2010, when I tried to reduce my plastic usage. The outcome? It was really hard. I still use plastic shampoo bottles, plastic bags more often than not, and my produce still finds a way to sit in plastic in the fridge. And dadgummit, I tried!

Here’s what I did manage to get rid of: plastic storage. I used maybe 4 zip-loc bags in all of 2010, reusing the ones that the TSA makes us stuff our stuff into. I use glass jars like crazy. I think it works better than plastic for storing cheeses. I drink my on-the-go water from glass bottles more often than not (yay, Topo Chico!).  And I’ve finally found a stainless water bottle I like with Hydro Flask. Maybe it’s time I try the plastic cleanse again.

At any rate, this movie looks like a good and thoughtful one, and I love the song they have in the trailer.

Bag It Intro from Suzan Beraza on Vimeo.


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