D&D…and iPad

Yep. It’s only a loaner iPad, but I’m already having fun with it! Plus, ya know, I get to play my Druid, so I got that goin for me….


4 thoughts on “D&D…and iPad

      1. I use DnD Scribe on my iPhone, and I really dig it. It’s not the end-all, be-all of D&D character creation and management (I really want something that will allow me to make characters from most of the popular D&D setups, like old-school D&D and 2nd ed, but most seem to be 3.5 and up), but it is pretty good and rather stable. It doesn’t have an item database and inputting your own information gets tedious, especially when it doesn’t seem like you can copy an item from another character already in your database, just from the character you’re working on. But it does have in-app links to the D&D wiki for spells and such, which is super spiffy.

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