Pink and purple, with a side of unicorn

It turns out batiking is super easy. Lemme splain:

  1. I lit 12 tea lights. You know, the kind that come by the gross.
  2. I found a white t-shirt and put some cardboard into it, to keep the back and front of the shirt separated and give me a flat surface to draw. And then I…
  3. I drew a small squirrel unicorn on it with a regular pencil.
  4. When the tea light wax was all liquid, I poured one onto my shirt, somewhere inside the lines. I quickly spread it around inside the lines, essentially finger painting the unicorn with wax. It took maybe 3 tea lights to cover my unicorn drawing.
  5. Then I wadded up the shirt, put some rubber bands on it tightly, and dunked it in pink dye. I had to use the dye with cold water so my wax wouldn’t melt off.
  6. After a while, I took out the shirt, squeezed it a bit, and re-wadded and banded it for a bath in the purple dye.

That’s it. Next I’ll wash it a couple times in cold, line dry it (lest dye AND wax coat the inside of my dryer), and when I’m satisfied the colors are set, I’ll boil the shirt to get the wax off.

Here’s the trick: you leave the shirt in the boil pot until everything cools down. Then you can lift the wax off in a big piece and take the shirt out without passing it through wax again. If there’s wax on the pot sides, you heat it up dry and wipe off the wax.

Done. Next: glittering up the unicorn and making horns and mane and tails for walking this year’s 10k.

Note: I dint know how or why, but I love that my girls’ night evolved this unicorn meme. LOVE. Now we’re just being silly, dorky, and fun. Next up: unicorn tequila shots!

Super rad finger "painting" unicorns with candle wax

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