The taxes are done, man

Yes, it’s true.  I’m not so much of a hippie to dodge taxes annually. In fact, I am quite scrupulous with them and am super anal about getting everything right. Which is why it irks me so when my banks don’t have e-statements for me.  Grr, I say.  Grr!

Anyway, I’m psyched. My One Thing to do this weekend (ahhhh!) is done. Now to finish Blue Fairy’s last arm (when I measured after D&D last night (snarf!) I was at about 13 inches out of 17), check on MBF manning it up in the newly-cleaned garage (his cleaning), and possibly organize some papers that I severly overturned trying to find what up until that point had been a very organized tax file folder. It was organized, but as a whole was misplaced. Grr, again, but done now.

I chant over and over “it’s done now… it’s done now.” Earliest file evar, for me.

Now maybe I have the courage to go back to REI or Academy to sift through biking things from those too-skinny effers. It sucks to be a big ol’ girl looking for comfy* and cute** clothing. That’s on a normal day. But when you throw in a particular sport, like biking, which is pretty well cornered by too-skinny dudes, ugh. Again, Grr!!

It’s done now...

*Comfy: I can’t stand too-short pants and tops. If I’m gonna be biking, my ape-arms are gonna be pretty stretched out in front. I refuse to have flood-waters, or whatever the arm-equivalent is. Don’t even get me started on ladies’ sizing, which is never ever broad enough for my gorilla shoulders. Helped me in volleyball, but not so much in the rest of life.

**Cute: in order to bypass the too-short or too-narrow sizing, I usually buy men’s stuff. Men’s shoes (bigger toe boxes for my flapjacks), men’s shirts (for them wrists), and even mostly men’s pants (see floodwaters, above). I have been amazed and psyched to find Athleta, who carry talls as well as petites. LLBean usually does a pretty good job with that, too, as does Eddie Bauer. Their stuff just wasn’t as cute as Athleta’s is. I would like cute things. Usually, men’s clothing has pretty basic colors, which I tire of wearing and find un-cute. So back to that: I tried on my normal men’s mediums top in a biking thingy. Uh, no way. It was like trying on vintage. So frustration later, I’m back at home, taxes finished, and ready to go back out and find just one pair of biking shorts that aren’t a million dollars, cut too small, cut too much for a man, and uncute. We’ll see if I can find 3 outta 4.


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