Destashing … maybe

Uh oh. I might be in over my head.

In way over my head.

I thought I would simply sit down, cut out some shapes, and voila! A cute little bunny.  An adorable bear.  Maybe a bear on a ball.  Maybe a bear on a ball on a unicycle, with a tiny necklace made of seed beeds.  Maybe if I was still bored, I’d cut out every square I’d need for that quilt I’ve been meaning to make for years.  You know, the one I’ve been saving all my flannel from the 90’s to work on.  Yeah, the one I was sure would be the stashbuster.

So anyway, skip ahead and all I made was 2 retarded starfish with catnip (which the cat won’t play with, and one star is missing an arm from the beginning.  Grow that back, bitches), one retardle, and two fixed articles of a friend’s clothing.  Altogether, I stayed busy, but there were more moments of zomg what should I make /overwhelm than actual creation.  Oh, and plenty of Pride and Predjudice to watch, followed by an impromptu 10pm movie outing to see Colin Firth’s current movie, The King’s Speech.  Still awesome to watch him.

Ok, just so’s I don’t get to another weekend and have no clue what I’ll make, let’s list out my inspirations gleaned from the interwebs this weekend:

From daintytime's Flickr stream. I loved this quilt the moment I set eyes on it. Then I read the story behind it and those eyes filled up with tears. It's beautiful, wild, and moving.
From ricrac via Scribd, the official inspiration of Retardle is these cute little party turtles.
Miiiiiiiice! Easy and cute. I'm down. Although... I might change these to bunnies. I started to, over the weekend of Returtle. From whileshenaps, hands-down the best resource I found on making softies. She has a whole series on making soft dolls. Top notch. And suuuuper cute
Soft dog, originally a lamb. I think I'm only into the dog idea because a niece likes dogs. Meh. It's a nice doggie, though.
Batty puppet, from sotosofties.
Sleepy bunnnies, the solution to my quilt- and doll-making lust of late. From mmmcrafts.
Bunny finger puppet, from Craftapalooza.

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