A look ahead rather than back

I’m not doing a year-in-review thing.  Screw that.  I’d like to look ahead instead.  Most people do that this time of year, I hear.

This year I’m concentrating on doing.  Making. Creating. Moving. Yoga. Travel. Hiking. Running. Building. Writing. Anything but sitting. Anything but idle. Yet I will seek stillness.  Most of that will be simply trying to get my head around those two concepts of movement and stillness acting together.

I’m going to start doing video posts on my blog.  I’m going to start GSD.  It’s a special program that gets shit done.  I wanted very much to play Cataclysm, and I still might, but it doesn’t exactly fit into the whole “get moving” thing.  So we’ll see.  Maybe I can work out a way to justify it.  I’m really good at justifying.

For this weekend, it’s all about de-stashing.  I’ve invited a few friends over to help/watch/ridicule me as I attempt to empty out every fabric bin and do something with the pieces I want to keep and ditch the stuff that goes nowhere.

We’ll see.


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