Creative houses, reclaimed junk, and pure awesome

Creative Houses from Reclaimed Stuff – Crafting a Green World.

Dude.  Watch the embedded video in that article above, or embedded below.  Rethink everything.  Understand that the problem of waste is worldwide.

It’s a TED talk by builder Dan Phillips that makes me VERY happy: hippy dude (I think he’s even from Austin*; he looks like Dr. Red Duke to boot), hilarious presentation, philosophy (he quotes Nietsche, Sartre, Plato), beautiful homes, unusual and recycled materials, cheap or free materials (including a beer tap for a faucet)… What’s not to love??

The zinger passages to me:

Around 2:28
“It’s a 2-person tub.  After all, it’s not just about hygiene; there’s a possibility for recreation.  …It looks a little phallic, but after all it’s a bathroom.”

Around 3:41
“That’ll keep bull elephants out, I promise.  And sure enough, we’ve had no problems with bull elephants.”

At 8:43
“It does no good to be responsible at the point of harvest in the forest, if consumers are wasting the harvest at the point of consumption.”

“I bet all your shoes match.”

*He mentions Palm Harbor homes and in some of his pics he’s got McCoy’s products.


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