35 Sampsonia Way, Pittsburgh PA

Recently I heard about this funny snapshot as part of the street-view project at ol’ G-maps.  By the time I got to a map and could look at the street-view, G-maps had already blurred out the images that were worth seeing.  So, suck it.  Here is what you should see when you check out this address (35 Sampsonia Way, Pittsburgh PA), click street-view, and pan around.  Let not its geekery be lost to the ages.

View at 35 Sampsonia Way, Pittsburgh PA



5 thoughts on “35 Sampsonia Way, Pittsburgh PA

    1. I’m not 100% sure, but I know at least one is Samurai. The other looks … inarticulately warrioresque. Either way, I felt their effors should not go blurred and in vain. 🙂

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