Pink hair progress update

Team progress: I’m happy to say we have 4 people on the team, 1 more to join, and 1 more silent partner who’s promised to dye her hair as well!  Our total progress is 13% of our goal.  If you’d like to donate to the team, you can still do so.


As for my own progress, I’m still sitting at 40% of my goal.

My fundraising page at Susan G. Komen for the Cure® Austin Affiliate.

I’m really really really thankful for all the folks who have donated so far;t makes me so happy that folks have stepped up and given $125 bucks!  That’s on top of my teammates paying to join the team as part of the cause! If you’re still planning on donating, please do.  Time is running out for this pink lady.

Speaking of pink: my hair is actually still brown, although a stylist has been scheduled and she will donate her time for the cause.  Before that, though, I need to get my mop cut off.  I’ve called 7 salons in Austin to see if any will donate their time for a haircut, and none so far have been willing.  The hair will go to Locks of Love, and almost any salon will package it up for you.  That part’s easy.

I’m waiting on 2 salons to get back to me (I left messages) and at worst, Linda–a survivor and sweet wonderful family member–has promised to be my fallback plan for a haircut.

UPDATE! A salon just called back and a stylist is willing to donate her time for the haircut!!  I’m so VERY excited!

In fact, I’m doing the Komen race for her and my Aunt Cinda.  I ordered a Save the Ta-tas shirt* yesterday and plan to sparkle glitter paint their names on it.  I’m hoping someone mistakes the rhyming names on my shirt to be the names of my ta-tas.

Save Cinda and Linda!  lol

*I did some research yesterday to figure out if I wanted to buy a shirt from Susan G. Komen,, or Save the Ta-tas.  The breast cancer site didn’t really disclose how much of their sales went to donations.  They say that 100% of the cost of ads on their daily clicks go to it, though.  That’s cool. Then I went over to and looked at their daily clicks: that money goes to Susan G. Komen.  Then I compared the numbers to Save the Tatas, a for profit group.  They disclose almost exactly what they donate, and how it is put to use.  I like that semi-transparency, and I like humor, so I went with that.

Oh, and I say semi-transparency and “almost” exactly because they say they donate EITHER 5% of gross sales or 25% of net sales.


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