Don’t it make my brown hair.. pink

Note: have I ever asked for anything via my blog? No. No I have not.

It’s just a scant couple weeks before the Susan G. Komen race, where I hope to have pink hair!

Please help me get past 40% of my fundraising goal!  I’d love to have a full head of pink hair, but I’ll settle for 50% pink.

Ya don’t like me all that much but think cancer sucks?  That’s cool.  Support my teammates, also dying their hair pink as a result of our fund raising.  The team total is currently 10% of our goal; I’d love to crank that up further.

So why pink hair for the cure?  Well, while chatting with a football fan a few weeks ago, I noticed that even he couldn’t help but understand all the pink for breast cancer, all over the NFL.  Now, if an obviously inferior intellect such as a mouth-breathing football fan)* can understand what’s going on, then maybe all this pink everywhere really does get people noticing and thinking about breast cancer.  And hopefully helping.

Then I figured, what would a head of pink hair do for awareness?  And the idea was born.

I’d really really love to surprise my nieces with pink hair when I visit them the weekend of Halloween, so please, donate soon if you’re gonna!  And if not, give someone you love a big ol’ hug and tell them you love them.  I sure love my two breast-cancer survivors: my aunt and my mother-in-law.  I love you, ladies!  And I love each and every one of you who supports them or other survivors.  Ok, I love you even if you don’t, but isn’t it more fun to help than not?  🙂

*Yes, that’s a joke. I like sports.


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