And this is why I heart XKCD so hard Go look at it.  Now.

Just wow.

XKCD put together a map of trivial information.  Seemingly trivial, anyway.  I’ve seen maps of Facebook and WoW and comparisons of how people spend their time.  It’s interesting.  But this… This brings nerddom and love of facts into a whole new light.

Read this map.  Understand how our world is shaped.  Then be amazed at how much time we spend trying to interact with people without actually interacting with them.  Also note, and happily so, that this map is just a corner of “real” conversations and interactions.

But as for hearting harder, this is the type of thing I’d want to put together but never even know where to start.  I can’t believe someone’s taken the time to map this out, literally, and put an image to raw numbers.  I also can’t believe how much time this must represent, in both the gathering and then in the organizing of the landmasses.


Plus I just super love nerd humor and the sarcasm that’s ever-present in the comics.  🙂


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