How I’m using to budget big-assed trips

Y’know how I had this big master plan to take a trip with someone special each year? Well, those special someones are my nieces and god-daughter. And I’ve budgeted it all with

Now, I won’t say I’m getting nothing out of referring Mint: if you sign up, I am entered to win an iPad. But even without that particular carrot dangling, I’d suggest using Mint. I love being able to sort my transactions and see shiny charts showing me exactly where I blew $4000 a year on nothing really worthwhile. Now, I’m using to help me organize not just the trip goal, but also keeping a budget for all the other things in my life.

And admit it, you like GraphJams, too.  Yeah, I knew you were nerdy.

So join up! Win me an iPad!! 🙂

Stuff Mint says about itself, and the link to go win me free stuff:

With Mint, you can:

* Get set up in minutes
* See all your accounts in one place
* Set and track your budgets & achieve your goals
* Find hundreds of dollars in personalized savings
* Stay safe and secure…and it’s free!


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