Tibetan Yak Hat

Fair Trade – Gifts – Tibetan Yak Hat.

Where do I even start with this?  Is it cute? Absolutely.  No question.  Is it a hat I’d want to make AND wear? Without a doubt.  Would it match Jess’s purse?  You bet.  (Wait, goats match yaks, don’t they?)

But beyond that, the group (Tibetan Artistan Initiative) that creates and sells them through The Hunger Site is EXACTLY what I want to do with my time… someday: travel the world finding small-time artisans or traditional craftsmen, sell their goods worldwide at a fair price to the artist.  That’s key.  Forget this 10-cent per doily rate we used to see in Chinese factories.  I’d want to give the craftsperson what their craft is worth, not just a living wage.  For me, the reward would be meeting people and seeing places, learning languages and new skills (if they’d teach me).  How fun!  How rewarding!!


One thought on “Tibetan Yak Hat

  1. Hey…Love that hat. Will it fit adults (female) with a smaller head? No brain size jokes…please.


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