More decluttering

After one full viewing of A&E’s Pride and Prejudice, plus skipping two really good invitations this evening, I have managed to reduce my clutter down further.

I even winnowed out some yarn from the stash tonight. Scary. Next up, craigslisting a bunch of WoW stuff and likely my wedding dress. Gulp.

My goal for photos was to have only one box of them left, and that about shoebox sized. Now, after this evening, I think instead I’ll simply load what I’ve got left into a couple few albums.

In fact, I went from 2 shoe boxes (and one of those was boots!), a plastic shoe box bin, and 2 file boxes ALL full of photos down to just this dozen stacks on the floor. I hope to reduce more once I clear out the duplicates. And get this, I’ve even got em sorted by event for easier organizing into albums. Snap!

This cleaning is made possible in part by a grant from the post office. The US post office: sending your leftover crap to other folks so they can deal with it since 1824.


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