The interwebs rescues my mind!

First of all, I consider it a very successful weekend when my yard clothes are filthy* and I end the day hosing off before I get into the pool.  Awesome.

But then the week starts and I realize I spent all my time in the yard and omg the house smells funky, like an old man’s toenails.

Enter, the interwebs:

No Time to Clean? What to Do.

Ah, thank you Small Notebook on teh lines.  Just point me in the right direction.  A starting point was all I needed for this elephant feast.

*Scored a huge load of free rocks from Craigslist.  Somehow, MBF got them to deliver the rocks to our house, and the dude even loaned MBF some gloves to use while we unloaded the truck.  Wow!  As a bonus, I do NOT have a lingering pile of rocks in the yard.  I _do_ have extra rocks here and there in my garden beds, and the courtyard is taking some sort of form.  Yay.  Free.  Garden.  Outdoors.

Oh!  And I can confirm those Off! clip-on things work.  I had mosquitos swarming me while I opened the package (boo, packaging) but nothing after I clipped the sucker on, nor while I put the clipon by the edge of the pool, then sat on the step near the thingy.  If I was a step down, mosquitos got curious.  But the top step, really close to the thingy?  Golden.


2 thoughts on “The interwebs rescues my mind!

    1. totally. i got a second one for the MBF yesterday. the cashier also said another patron confirmed their efficacy. i am able to work outside for longer than 5 minute bursts again!!

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