World of Warcraft Slang Guide

via World of Warcraft Slang Guide: A Beginner’s Guide to WoW Leetspeak – Plugged In – Yahoo! Games.

Good N00b article.  But what it missed is the real slang.  The stuff you truly see in every chat and every Barren-speak, and—if you’re me—IRL also:

L2Play, n00b:  Learn to play, newbie.  Also L2Drive, L2Read, etc.  I shorten it to L2 quite a bit.  I’ve got shit to do, people!  N00b is, of course, a derisive term for the uninitiated.

Clicky for biggie! "GG N00b"

Aggro: the attention of the monster you’re fighting.  Hopefully, the MT has aggro so no one else gets beat up.  You can also have “wife aggro”, “gf aggro,” “baby aggro,” or—in too many PUGs I’ve encountered—”mom aggro”.  *shudder*

PUG: pick-up group.  As in, a group that comes together randomly rather than a group of friends or guildmates.  These often end in disaster, or did before the new LFG machine.  IRL, you can PUG it at a party or a bar.

GG: good game, good going.  Used to be said in good sportsmanship after a PVP match, but lately it’s always delivered with sarcasm, usually followed by n00b.

Mats (what they didn’t tell you in the linked article):  If you WTB, say, an enchant, the person will often advertise they have or ask if you have the mats.  Or, IRL “Do we have the mats to make piña coladas?”

MT, OH: Main Tank, Off-heal.  The primary tank and a casual as-needed healer.  I’m happy to report I haven’t used these terms IRL.

Pwnt: past-tense of pwn.  Also unused in my own life.  I do, however, often use pwn.  Cause I freaking pwn the weeds in my garden.  Always.

I must admit, I use WTB and PST pretty much daily in my life.  I’m not ashamed!  WTB sleep, PST.  WTB end of blog entry, PST.


5 thoughts on “World of Warcraft Slang Guide

  1. Ha! I use most of those in real life too. You can use MT like “I need someone to MT me!” hehe..just hope your significant other is a MT and not an OH.

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