Mid-July project and yoga update

Well, halfway through July and I’ve managed at least a few asanas every day but one. I’m good with that. 🙂  My 31 days of yoga won’t be perfect, but they’ll still be a huge victory for me, and entirely human to boot.

I tried Sunstone‘s “hot” yoga twice with friends. I wasn’t so much a fan of 90 minute “fire” yoga, but then again I’d been kind of nauseous after lunch that day, and my back was already pretty tight from the week of yoga that had come before.  I guess I just pushed too hard.  It was pretty serious looking in there!  I’ll try a more reasonable 60 minute class today. I definitely liked the 90 minute “wood” type of nigh-Pilates strengthening.

The rest of my weekend is best told in pictures:

This is what 2 dozen bottles of wine will net you: about halfway around a tree. Keep those bottles coming, ladies!
I made more laundry detergent, and this time actually followed the recipe.

In fact, I made dadgum sure to use a recipe that called for baking soda with the Ivory.  Check #8 from this page at Tip Nut.  Also note to self: Pace picante sauce is the least useful of glass jars due to its small mouth and narrowed waist.  Solution? Use it for liquids, like the detergent here.

I mailed off a box o' someone else's memories. Why hold on to another person's nostalgia?
Super secret project, revealed via its proof of concept. A walkway paved in bottles. The secret-worthy detail? Some bottles have solar-powered lights under them, lighting the walkway. In theory. The proof remains to be seen.
Sorted, donated, reorganized, and sent items off to new owners. Mom, the Ex, and the Salvo were the biggest beneficiaries. I found a Playstation, though! Now if only I would also find a TV in there...

Some people fit their whole life’s possessions into 4 storage bins *cough*MBF*cough*.  I’m aiming to fit my fabric and yarn into two.  :-S

Transporting shelves with both back doors open and using seatbelts as tie-downs was the LEAST redneck thing I did all weekend.
Don't you wish your closet was hot like me?

Wow.  Looks like my shit is way more colorful than MBF’s.  I mean, if there was shit there to be seen.


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