Lemme splain. No, there es too much. Lemme sum up.

Buttercup is marry Humperdink in leetle less than half an hour…

Man, I’ve got so much buzzing in my head. I need to get it out so I can think straight again. Aha, a blog! Just the thing!

This one time, at band camp the gardening center, I heard a gardener answer a customer’s question about when to plant [whatever it was], the only 2 months she doesn’t plant things in Texas is July and August. I figure that’s pretty good advice, actually. So aside from minor things, like that flat of $1 herbs I got and that really need homes, I’m gonna make all my gardening this summer be of the building/organizing/watering/maintaining type. Probably watering, mostly.

To list my gardening tasks (or… hopeful tasks anyway):

  • I gotta move that rape shed. I have a fellow new-homeowner friend who, last year at least, wanted to take half the materials off my hands when I dismantle it. That should work out pretty well, except he kinda hasn’t seen ol’ rapey yet (black tin shed, FTL) and I want to make sure he wants the stuff before I conscript him into my backyard army. Of 2. Counting him. Regardless, it’s coming down, and I need to compile a list of options for better looking, less creepy, smaller, and way more optimally placed sheds.
  • I need to have my big trees trimmed. In particular, the giant tree partially over the current shed and completely over the proposed shed location. I’d like to have the trimming done before I start demo or construction. I’d rather not step around limbs or ask the arborists to step around partial sheds. Let’s face it: it’s a me-project, so it ain’t exactly moving at the speed of light.I called the service that did my tree last year; they’re giving me a quote tomorrow. I’ll call another for a competing quote and be done with it. Suggestions, Austinites? I don’t just want cheap: I want to know that the dude cutting or directing the cutting of the tree has future growth and health in mind. Big picture arborists, not just dudes with chainsaws.
  • Dude, I still need a bat house.
  • After many doodles and scratchings of a dream garden beside my pool, I found a book at Whole Life with my garden on the cover. Turns out, I’ve been dreaming of a “medicine wheel” garden, traditional in native American culture and lore. So I’m drooling over that, jonesing to put those herbs in it, and obsessing over the details. This has been so fun.
  • That super-secret project with the beer bottles? Well, the proof of concept was a spectacular failure. Ok, not that bad. But it wasn’t great. Long story short, I’m ditching the bottle cutter and rock tumbler and approaching the project a bit more simply. Although.. it will require a long-handled shovel. More as it emerges. And it needs to emerge, tout suite.
  • Speaking of glass, the wine bottles my good friend collected for me are going into the yard, finally. That project shouldn’t take too long. Basically, I’m making a planter edge from inverted wine bottles. No biggie there. This is not a new concept, and once I saw it in action in a shady Austin neighborhood *cough*Hyde Park*cough*, the threat of tiny little mosquito pools in the bottom divet of each bottle evaporated, so to speak. Pun deliciously intended.
  • And finally, I have a couple of life-projects I want to get done this summer. One is to clean out that guest bedroom closet. Dude, it’s not even a little acceptable to have boxes stowed in there a full year after moving into the house. Plus, Small Notebook’s own closet attack has inspired me today to include this bullet. It ain’t gardening, but it’s definitely a summer house project. That and, ya know, I’m gonna have 2 new roommates in the house and will kinda need to have my shizzle out of that room.
  • The second life-bullet is to get off my duff, stop daydreaming (oh, but I love it!) and start actually brushing up on the languages I half-know already. I went to the library yesterday (all praise) and fell in love with public, free knowledge once more. Also, my new roommates agree that cable TV is dumb, so my evenings at home will now have much less in the way of passive entertainment.

Whew. So yeah, that’s what I’m aiming to get done the next two months. Happily, my weekends are pretty light weight in July: an evening with philosophy, a slumber party (girls rule!) and a move-in day for one roommate’s stuff, tubing one weekend while a friend is in town for a week—and staying at my house, and… what’s this? One weekend square on my calendar has no writing. That’s weird. Well, that’s clearly the weekend to tear down the shed. 😉


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