DIY Litter Box Hider

via moderncat :: cat products, cat toys, cat furniture, and more…all with modern style.

Dude, I’ve got a soft spot for clever cat trees, cat runs, cat toys… you name it.  This one is pretty great, especially if you’re, say, in a spot where litter box real estate is at a premium.  This is very simple and kinda rules, plus you can put crap on top of it, which is a must in my book o’ clutter-making.  I’m a 10th level Pa’u of clutter.

It also makes me want to build a mighty cat tree on which to rub my butt and sing a song.  I’m not crazy; you just don’t know the reference.  You can assume that of pretty much any seemingly-crazy thing I say.  Yeah, that’s the ticket…


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