Strength. Grace. Motion. Peace. Health.

Image from Peace Through Yoga website, which I found in a random Google search just now.

These were the signposts I set on Jan. 1 this year.  I remember standing in the ocean and thinking how all of those attributes were swirling around my ankles.  Everything felt so good!  I think as far as resolutions go, I’ve done better with this than most.  Oh sure, there was the year I resolved to take stairs instead of escalators.  I’m still doing that.  But I can’t think of any other years where I stuck to things.  Then again, I never really checked back in 6 months later, either.

So here we are.

I’ve done fairly well at the motion.  I’ve stayed moving a lot, and not just with trips and adventures.  I stay busy around the house, and until very recently, haven’t really stopped to watch a lot of TV or things like that.  I feel good about it.  What I wish to do better would be to ask myself in each moment if this activity, thought, food, whatever is getting me closer to one of those 5 things.  And even though each of the attributes came to me separately, I didn’t really want to achieve each thing singly, though.  However, when you put them all together, they pretty much spell “yoga”.

Two things clicked together today.  One, this article about achieving lightness and bliss in 31 days.  I didn’t read it all, but I didn’t have to.  Basically, it made me realize that I could set out today, right now, and achieve some goal—small or large—by the end of July.  The second thing is the example the MBF has set in keeping a daily journal of his tai chi practice.  Every day he sets out to go through the form, and every day he writes about it for himself.  Together, those two things moved me to try and practice yoga every day for the next 31 days.  All of July, I’m going to do yoga daily.  It might just be something simple at home on the carpet, or it might be 10 days of 10 official classes (offered by a studio I’ve been wanting to try).


2 thoughts on “Strength. Grace. Motion. Peace. Health.

  1. If you decide to try some Bikram yoga, I know an instructor that I can hook you up with. She swears by it, and it over 40 and highly fit and attractive, so I can’t argue.

    1. Definitely and thanks! I’m also going to do a 10 day trial of “hot yoga” at Sunstone. It’s not Bikram, per se, but it’s schweaty. I want to try it all and above all, just do yoga every day this month!

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