Butterfly mash

I’d like to try this recipe and see what comes to my yard.  I was just thinking, during my hike in the Llano river this weekend, how beautiful and quiet butterflies are.  I love that one flittered up to me and landed on my finger when I pretended to be a Disney damsel.  Next, birds should dress me each morning.

hummingbird nectar (4 cups water with 1 cup sugar)
fresh watermelon
butterfly mash (over-ripe bananas, beer, and brown sugar mixed in a blender and allowed to ferment).

From Central Texas Gardener Blog.

Also from that blog, identification of a vine that, although I used to pretend were the briars around my sleeping-beauty daydreams, is gonna soon bid adieu from my garden.  Yard, fine.  Garden?  No way.  I go there barefoot, thank you.

This is Smilax bona-nox.  It’s mainly nox.  G’bye!  (Pic stolen from same blog as above.)


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