Stop getting phone books

Yellow Pages Association | Environmental.

Did you know you can stop getting phone books?  You can.  I’m already daydreaming of a time when I have no more fits of rage over such a tiny (huge) thing as an unwanted cluster of yellow papers, sitting sadly on my porch.  Rage… rising…

Ahem. I opted out.  Twice, just to be sure.  Thanks to Small Notebook for the heads up.

Edit: Actually, when I got to the bottom of the AT&T page, whaddya know?  No “send” or “submit” button on their form!  Yellowbook was awesome.  AT&T rots, as usual.

Second edit: Then I tried to call the number on the page for AT&T’s unsubmittable form and got a recording with one option.  Since the option didn’t apply to me, I pressed nothing.  I was walked through the menu-of-one again and after selecting nothing, I was hung up on.  Ok…  I called back.  This time I took the one option, which promised I would have a returned phone call.  I got to a new menu, waited to leave a message, and began speaking after the tone.  It immediately beeped again and asked if I’d like to review my message.  Whu-how.  AT&T… get it together.


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