Exploring Austin

So first of all, I need to express my intense wanderlust lately. I’ve been daydreaming of every place under the sun, except my own backyard. Maybe it’s the army of mosquitoes. Maybe it’s the green pool. Maybe it’s the burning heat and the lack of escape into said pool.

Whatever it is, I haven’t been thinking much about “vacationing” right here where I am. Well, on Sunday a friend invited me out to Brushy Creek Park. It was great! Free, with super bike trails, a kayak rental spot, and even a water park for the kiddies to pee in. I had a great time and biked on the tandem. Here’s a pic of my friends trying it out.

Then last night, for the first time EVER, I swam in Barton Springs. I was amazed. I could have done without the tall grass under my legs at one point, but otherwise it was so nice and fresh and pure. What a great dip!

Speaking of dips, I also had the “creamy jalepeño” dip at Chuy’s. It’s not on the menu, so ask for it. It’s just ranch dressing with fire. So yummy on chips. That plus the margarita made for a very nice time outside on Barton Springs road. I was a teensy bit weirded out by the California feel to it lately. I mean, have you seen the condos they built on Kinney? Kinney! My brother used to rent a duplex there… it wasn’t exactly luxury villas, and Flipnotics was a scary place to me. Now, it’s kitchy scary. Like “we’re so punk we’re cute”. Or wait, maybe Flips became that juice bar. Eh, it all looks the same to me now.

Tonight starts free Blues on the Green, and I intend to partake. It’s high time I got to know my own town better.


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