(Another) Awesome nerdy iPhone case

via Wonderland: Playstation iPhone case

God help me, I’m such a geek.  And momma needs a new phone* and a snazzy cover** to go with it.  That one will do nicely.

*No, really.  I’ve been rocking the original since a few months after it came out, and a few months after that I cracked the screen.  I’d take a picture of the shame I bear daily, but it’s also my only camera.  And for the love of Pete, I wanted to get a new iPod just to have a video camera.  Yeah, I said it.  I covet.  Anyway, my ol’ silverback can’t even upgrade to the 4.0 software.  It’s officially obsolete (which I hate to say and accept, but blah.)

But the new iPhone?  Man, with iMovie built in AND the front-facing camera (first I have to know other people with such a thing, but oh well) AND with a 5MPx camera with a flash?  Dag, I’ll be all set with just one device.

**Provided I don’t crack this one as quickly.

Sigh.  /covet


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