Reduce plastic: T-Shirts in Mason Jars

via Sustainable Packaging Win: T-Shirts in Mason Jars | greenUPGRADER.

First, I can’t get enough mason jars.  In fact, I need to get more.  Aside from that one I broke at my party, where did they all go?  There’s nothing as wonderful as drinking sweet tea from a jar on a hot day.  Don’t ask me how, but it makes it all better.

Second, I love the idea of looking for the T-shirt I want without having to paw through them all.  I love not having to re-fold everything.  I love that my shirt won’t have been pawed through, either! I think the glass jar with the beautiful shirt color would make a really really neat display.

And third, very clever.  Just very clever.  Does a shirt need any packaging?  Nah, not really.  But I could use a jar anyway, and coupled with my first point (sweet tea made better from a jar) is the slogan on these shirts:  sweeter than the tea.  Ah, sweet indeed.

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