Welcome to the garden. You gonna die!

Um, wow? I haven’t been gone that long, have I?  Ok, before you scroll down to the garden-gone-wild blackmail pics, note the project underway here!  See?  I can totally make progress!  This is in preparation for the superfun bottle project.  It’s a wattle fence (about 12-16 inches high) using twigs from the yard and a whole bunch of viney stuff I pulled out that was taking over even the potatoes.  The potatoes, y’all!  And those potatoes were, like, boss.  All takin’ the tomatoes’ lunch money and pushing the asparagus down on the playground…

See? It’s all weavy and wovey and hobbity someday.  Oh, and new rule:  no new plants until all those guys (and seeds) are in their homes.  Ground or new pots or whatever.

Ok, now it’s time for the embarrassing pics whose sharing will spur me to work in the garden more.  I hope.  Of course, I took these pics before tearing out the vines that I used in the wattle pic above, so, um.  I get points, or something.

This is the view out the garage/garden door. That is the compost area. It's like spring break over there, and those plants have no self esteem. Dang, I really need to return that borrowed wheelbarrow, safely in my garage before the big rains hit.
You can't tell (below), but there are 2 raised garden beds there and a ground-level space between them. It is evidently housing some sort of pre-Columbian pyramid or something.
Slight progress as most of the vines were removed. Ok some. A few. Dadgummit, I've cancelled my entire weekend, ok? Are you happy, vines??? Well, yeah. Clearly you totally are.

But in news of the awesome, I have baby lemons!!  Look!  Look below and see!!  Also? Lemon blossoms smell amazing.  This guy is still in a pot, but can go in the ground since he’s hardy to 20 degrees.


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